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Must read and sign before you can play

I understand that I must follow the strict standards of conduct and fair play while in the Blasters Combat Arena. I understand that FAILURE to follow those rules or if I am deemed unable to abide by those standards of fair play I will be expelled from the Combat Arena without refund. I  also understand that if I decline to play that does not constitute grounds for a refund. I understand that Blasters Combat Zone is not liable for any injuries to those participants that have pre-existing injuries, medical conditions, or that may be pregnant. I understand these participants have decided to play at their own risk.

By signing this waiver I agree that I will not destroy or intentionally damage any equipment or property while on the premises of Blasters Combat Arena. I agree that I am liable for any and all damages or losses I cause. Blaster Combat Zone retains the right to ask any participant to remove inappropriate attire, any hard or sharp objects such as belt buckles, pens, knives, weapons, or anything that can cause harm during play. As a parent/guardian I am responsible for all participants 17yrs and under who are in my care to abide by the rules and standards of Blaster Combat Arena. One warning will be given for any broken rules, the next step is removal from the Combat Arena. I understand that I must follow all game rules set by Blasters Game Warden. I also understand that all decisions made by Blasters Game Warden are final (arguing with Game Warden will not be tolerated).

I understand that any accident that happens while on the premises of Blasters Combat Zone whether in the play arena, bathrooms, common area, party room, and parking lot, Blasters Combat Zone LLC, will not be liable for any injury due to the accident. If medical attention is needed I give permission for Blasters Combat Zone to call for emergency services to assist in any care needed. 

I understand that I or my likeness may be used in promotional advertisements such as pictures, videos, or social media while participating in games or on the premises of Blasters Combat Zone.

I understand that I must follow the strict COVID-19 Guidelines that have been set by the CDC for the safety and well beings of others I may come into contact with while on Blasters Combat Zone property. If a participant has flu-like symptoms, fever, coughing, nuasa, shortness of breath, etc. they may be asked to leave the premises for the safety of others.

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