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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an age minimum for children?

We recommend that players are 4 years of age or older to play. All players must be able to walk and run with ease on their own during combat. Players must be able to operate the BLASTER on their own or with assistance of an adult.

How do I book a special event or party?

Guest may book special events or parties online or in person at the facility. We recommend that you book at least a 2 weeks in advance to accommodate all your party needs and wishes.

Does BLASTERS Indoor Foam Battle Zone have one entry fee or do guests have to pay per activity?

Guest will have to pay for a general admission fee based on the amount of time each guest wants to play (i.e. 30 mins- 2hrs). There are additional fees for gun upgrades and other items needed to play.

What do I need to play at Blasters?

All guest must first read and sign a safety waiver. If a guest is a minor, an adult must read and sign the waiver as consent for the minor to play. All players must wear socks in the Battle Zone. If a guest does not have socks, slip resistant socks are available for purchase at the front counter. Lastly, guest will be provided with safety glasses and a safety vest.

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